Aggression is NOT Protection

As a dog owner, having a pet with protective behavior is a plus especially if you got your pet because you wanted them for home protection. But you need to know the difference between when they are acting protectively and when they are being aggressive. Remember that when a dog is protective, he is calmly scrutinizing the people and animals around him before he reacts.

Aggressive behavior, on the other hand, the dog is no longer surveying the people or animals around him but just violently reacting. Be vigilant, when your dog shows signs of aggressive behavior as this can lead to unfortunate situations such as injury, damage in and in severe cases could even mean euthanizing your pet.

What Causes Dogs To Act Aggressively?

Dogs who act aggressively due to the stimuli in their surroundings, it can be due to abuse or violent attack. Here are some reasons that cause aggressive behavior.
Lack of Socialization from of young age
An abusive relationship with the owner or another human
Limited or No supply of basic needs such as food and water
Attack from another dog or animal
No permanent home, living on the street
Signs of Aggressive Behavior Vs Signs of Protective Behavior


Showing or Baring of Teeth in casual situations
Biting or having a go at anyone
Growling and Non-Stop barking
Aggressive stance where hackles are raised and head raised far forward
Constantly vigilant with his surroundings.
Immediately shifts his attention for any new person or animal in his surroundings.
Calm but always on alert stance
Violent reactions such as growl or bark for possible threats
If no threat is perceived, would go about on their normal routine
 A dog that is barking, lunging, snapping, and/or biting when approached with its owner is not being protective. The dog lacks confidence and is attempting to defend itself against what it perceives is a threat. Aggressive behavior does not make for a stable protection dog and needs to be addressed before considering enrolling your dog into any protection training program.

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