How to House Train Your Dog in 7 Days

Dogs are not born knowing when and where to pee. You have to teach them what they should do, and this is called potty training. This article will discuss how you can house train your dog in 7 days using a few simple steps that have proven effective over time!

What House Training is and Why You Should Do It

House training is the process by which you teach your dog to pee and poop outside. House training your pet is extremely important in order to maintain a clean household, prevent accidents in the home, and to allow you free reign on where you can allow him or her up on furniture!

If you are wondering why this is such an important step as a dog owner, well just take a look at what can happen if you forget to train your pup!

If you don’t house train your pet early on it will be very hard to break them of the bad habit. Not only that, but they might mark their territory inside by leaving little “presents” for you around the home. If you do not take serious measures to train your dog in the proper way, then this will become a difficult habit to break later on.

Take Your Puppy Outside Often During Their Waking Hours

The most obvious way to potty train your dog is by taking them outside often during their waking hours. You should make sure that you take your dog out every time they wake up from a nap, and right after they eat or drink anything.

When taking your pet outside, it is important that you go the same route each time- this will help to train them to go in the same spot.

Giving your puppy their own little patch of lawn is a great way to house break them, and some people even use old newspaper or pads as a makeshift backyard!

Find Out What Your Dog Thinks is the Correct Spot to Go Potty

If you have already taken your dog outside a few times, then you should start to see patterns in where they choose to relieve themselves. Most dogs will go either on the side of a building or against a fence, but some might look for grassy areas instead!

Utilizing a training tool known as the target stick is an excellent way to train your dog to use their bathroom in a particular spot. You can either use an old broom stick or another long, sturdy object to guide them into the correct place.

Once you begin to see your dog going in a certain location, reward them for their efforts! Some people might give their dogs treats every time they go outside, while others only do so when the dog successfully relieves themselves in the correct spot.

Be Patient With Your Dog During Training Process

Even with your most diligent efforts, accidents are going to happen when house training a pet! If you catch your dog while they are relieving themselves inside of the home, then try and distract them into going outside instead.

If this does not work, then try and pick up their waste as quickly as possible, but make sure you wear rubber gloves. No-one wants to pick up dog poop bare handed!

After an accident has occurred, it is important that you remain calm and not punish your pet in any way! You might wish to rub your dogs nose or feet in the mess to get them to understand why they are in trouble, but at the end of the day it will not help. Punishing a dog after the fact will only work to confuse them and make training harder for you later on!

Be Consistent With Your Training Routine

The single most important thing that you can do while training your pet is remaining consistent with your routine. If you are going to take your dog out every single time they wake up from a nap, then make sure that you do so!

Even if this means waking up at 4 in the morning for the next week or two, it will be well worth it in the long run. When house training your pet, consistency is key!

Of course, your dog might not always get it right the first few times you take them out to go potty. If this is the case, then try and remain patient with them!

Sometimes dogs forget their training when they are sleepy or distracted, so you just need to make sure that you can pick up where they left off once they are back to normal.

There many different ways that you can train your dog to relieve themselves outside of the home, but housebreaking them in just 7 days is certainly possible when you put all the pieces together! If you follow these steps exactly as listed, then we know that you will be able to see results within a week’s time.

Additional Tips and Tricks

-Increase your dog’s water intake: Drinking more water can make your dog want to go out more!

-Utilize a temporary confinement area: If you keep your pet in a small area, it will limit the places they might choose to relieve themselves. This method is not recommended for long periods of time.

-Spend some time outside with your pet: Your dog might learn faster if you are around!

-Use training tools like target sticks or old newspaper: This will help decrease the amount of mistakes that occur when house training your pet.

-Positive reinforcement is key: When you first notice your dog going outside, reward them right away!

-Do not punish the animals after accidents have occurred: They might not understand why they in trouble.

-Be consistent with your routine: If you take your pet out every time they wake up from a nap, then keep doing so


There you have it- that is how to house train your dog in 7 days. Make sure to follow all of the steps exactly as they are laid out, and you should start to see results by the end of week one! Remember that if at any time you feel like things might not be working, then you can always speak to a professional trainer for extra advice. We’re happy to help! Give us a call at (910) 920-1000.

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