Obedience Programs

Hey Dog Owner! I know why you are here, you need help!  We understand how tough it can be and it’s even more difficult trying to navigate the online world trying to find help and knowing where to turn.

Some of the smaller stuff like jumping on guests and barking can be embarrassing and you’ve likely put up with it for longer than you’ve preferred. It would sure be nice not to have to put your dog away when guests come over or have to apologize in advance for their bad behaviors, am I right?

The bigger and badder behaviors can become a liability. Even if your dog hasn’t bit anyone, the lunging and barking has you worried that it could happen and someone could get hurt?

Even if it’s not that… Even if it’s just creating a better quality of life for YOU and YOUR DOG, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.

Our Training Packages are taught One-on-One in private training sessions, this training environment is provided to our clients because not all dogs can succeed in a group environment. Each session is a 60 min session with our experienced trainers who will be with you each step of the way to help you through your failures and celebrate your successes!


Green Dog Academy (8-23wks)

If you’ve got a puppy five months or younger, you’re on the right page. Let me first tell you that our puppy training is UNIQUE. Sometimes it’s easier to explain what our puppy training ISN’T in order to explain what it is.

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Empowerment Program (24wks and older)

Our most popular program focusing on fundamentals of basic and intermediate obedience to teach you and your dog how to become a dynamic team. We’ve been listening to our clients since we opened in 2015 and redesigned our training program to offer this amazing and UNIQUE training program.

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Virtual Lessons

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