Our Training Packages are taught One-on-One in private training sessions, this training environment is provided to our clients because not all dogs can succeed in a group environment. Each session is a 60 min session with our experienced trainers who will be with you each step of the way to help you through your failures and celebrate your successes!

Hey Dog Owner! I know why you are here, you need help!  We understand how tough it can be and it’s even more difficult trying to navigate the online world trying to find help and knowing where to turn.

Some of the smaller stuff like jumping on guests and and barking can be embarrassing and you’ve likely put up with it for longer than you’ve preferred. It would sure be nice not to have to put your dog away when guests come over or have to apologize in advance for their bad behaviors, am I right?

The bigger and badder behaviors can become a liability. Even if your dog hasn’t bit anyone, the lunging and barking has you worried that it could happen and someone could get hurt?

Even if it’t not that…

Even if it’s just creating a better quality of life for YOU and YOUR DOG, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.


  • Green Dog Academy

If you’ve got a puppy five months or younger, you’re on the right page. Let me first tell you that our puppy training is UNIQUE.

Sometimes it’s easier to explain what our puppy training ISN’T in order to explain what it is.

What it isn’t:

    •  No more cheap group classes designed to get your puppy to sit for a treat (you can do that on your own)
    •  Nothing BASIC
    •  NOT designed to just teach you a few things and hope your puppy does well upon entering adulthood

We’ve changed our puppy training program multiple times over the years.

Each time we’re looking to better serve our clients, better fill the needs of their puppies.

And we’ve arrived at one simple truth.

Most puppy training in FAYETTEVILLE is FAILING both owners and puppies.

You see, most puppy training is a few weeks long, costs a couple hundred bucks, and gets you the very basics.

There’s a problem, though…

Everyone WANTS far beyond basic!

They want a REALLY well-trained dog.

And you simply can’t get that with a basic puppy course that costs a couple hundred dollars.

We got together as a company and decided that we ONLY wanted to be known as the Fayetteville dog training company that gets the absolute best results for our clients.

And we realized we can’t do that by doing a basic puppy course.

Instead, our puppy training is designed as a primer course that leads to our Famous, Empowerment Program!

You’ll start out by getting the foundation work done and then transition into that Empowerment program so that by the time you’re done your dog is completely trained on and off the leash with great manners.

A dog who listens to you.

A dog who is happily obedient.

And NONE of that can be accomplished with a basic puppy training class.

Our program is extensive. It’s not cheap. And it’s not for people out there looking for the basics.

It’s ONLY for people who want and do the best for their dog.

If that sounds like you, book a time for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and needs and then we’ll see if our program is a match.


  • Empowerment Program

Our most popular program focusing on fundamentals of basic and intermediate obedience to teach you and your dog how to become a dynamic team. We’ve been listening to our clients since we opened in 2015 and redesigned our training program to offer this amazing and UNIQUE training program.

This program has had MAJOR success in solving all types of aggression (human, dog, resource, child, etc.) anxiety (whining, pacing, barking, separation) house training problems (often by the second day), destruction problems, jumping, not coming when called, leash pulling, and so much more

Not for the faint of heart, this package will have you and your dog on the GO! Be prepared to be active. If you’ve been looking for a reason to get out more, this is the training package for you! Again, much like our puppy package, this training program is not for everyone. You have to want to make a change not only in your dog but in yourself. We will challenge you throughout this program in ways you can’t imagine. We will push you to get the best possible results from both you and your dog because you made not only an investment but a commitment. If you are ready to make and see real change, reach out and let’s set up a consultation to discuss if our program is a match!


Each of the packages listed above come with a membership in our private membership club known as “Patriot Pals”, you can learn more about what the membership entails by joining us for a consultation and temperament evaluation.
There is a $50 consultation and temperament assessment fee for dogs 34wks and older, puppies 33wks are younger are FREE. The fee is applied to the overall cost of the training program is already included in the quoted price during the appointment.

Ask about our payment programs, financing (Square Installments) and rescue discounts!