Empowerment Program

Our most popular empowerment program focusing on fundamentals of basic and intermediate obedience to teach you and your dog how to become a dynamic team. We’ve been listening to our clients since we opened in 2015 and redesigned our training program to offer this amazing and UNIQUE training program. We provide training for all types of dogs, from miniature to massive, puppies to seniors.

You, as the handler play an integral part in your dogs success. While dogs are incredibly intelligent and intuitive, they still require real maintenance and reinforcement of commands. This is why one of our primary goals is to teach you how to train and grow with your dog. In this empowerment program we will teach you and your dog start to finish the most sought after obedience cues which are; sit, down, up, off, place, stay, leave it, drop it, and come. You and your trainer will work one one one at our facility and not in a group setting because not all dogs can learn at early at that level of distraction, but we will get you there using the 3 D’s of Dog Training; Duration, Distance, and Distraction. Dogs are just as varied in personality as people are, so thats why a “one size” fits all approach does not work to training in most cases, although we have a general format we follow we still tailor all of our programs to your specific needs.

Each of the packages listed above come with a membership in our private membership club known as “Patriot Pals” and a comprehensive equipment package, you can learn more about what the membership entails by joining us for a consultation and temperament evaluation.