Green Dog AcademyIf you’ve got a puppy five months or younger, you’re on the right page. Let me first tell you that our puppy training is UNIQUE. Sometimes it’s easier to explain what our puppy training ISN’T in order to explain what it is.

What it isn’t:

    • No more cheap group classes designed to get your puppy to sit for a treat (you can do that on your own)
    • Nothing BASIC
    • NOT designed to just teach you a few things and hope your puppy does well upon entering adulthood

We’ve changed our puppy training program multiple times over the years. Each time we’re looking to better serve our clients, better fill the needs of their puppies. And we’ve arrived at one simple truth. Most puppy training in FAYETTEVILLE is FAILING both owners and puppies. You see, most puppy training is a few weeks long, costs a couple hundred bucks, and gets you the very basics. There’s a problem, though…

Everyone WANTS far beyond basic! They want a REALLY well-trained dog. And you simply can’t get that with a basic puppy course that costs a couple hundred dollars. We got together as a company and decided that we ONLY wanted to be known as the Fayetteville dog training company that gets the absolute best results for our clients. And we realized we can’t do that by doing a basic puppy course. Instead, our puppy training is designed as a primer course that leads to our Famous, Empowerment Program! You’ll start out by getting the foundation work done and then transition into that Empowerment program so that by the time you’re done your dog is completely trained on and off the leash with great manners.

The first few months of a dogs life are critical to their physical and emotional development, a good puppy training program provides a host of significant benefits and skills that will serve them their entire life.

You have many options here in Fayetteville when choosing a trainer for your puppy, making the right choice for you and your dog can help ensure a solid start to your life together.

What you can expect from us

You will work once a week in a private session with your trainer to teach your puppy the foundation of obedience, you’ll go over the challenges you are facing such as crate training, sleeping through the night, nipping, chewing on inappropriate things, and all the other fun things that come with having a new puppy in your home. Each week we will help you understand learning and fear phases while providing you with age appropriate socialization opportunities in your 90 day Patriot Pal membership which includes our puppy socialization class on Saturdays. This unique class gives your puppy a chance to interact with other age appropriate puppies and explore sights, sounds, textures.