K9ine Klass

Do you want to bring your dog in for training but know you are too busy for one on one training? Have you thought about doing a stay and train program, but the idea of being away from your dog that long stresses you out? We have the perfect solution for you! K9ine Klass, our new Dog Day School program which gives you the best of both worlds.

Just drop your dog off in the morning and leave them with us for the day. We will take care of all the training and socialization, we will even take them out on trips daily for extra exposure! Then in the evening you pick them up and take them home, simple as that. This way you can get all your snuggles in each night without missing out on any of those puppy kisses each day.

Training Highlights:

– Ideal for puppies and dogs 12+wks of age

– Great for dogs that need socialization

– Addresses simple to complex issues

Offered in 5, 10, 15, and 20 Day options

Training weeks are tailored to your specific needs, if you are looking to correct one or two small issues a week may be best. Obviously the longer your dog stays the more they learn, so if you are looking for complete training start to finish, consider the 4 wk program.

What you can expect while your dog is with us:

We combine fun activities with learning sessions to mimic everyday experiences, your dog will be trained on basic – intermediate obedience based on the level of training you enroll for. They will learn things such as sit, place, down, off, loose leash walking in our shop and out at public locations. During their stay we will work on crate training in between sessions to allow for rest time and keep them safe while in our care.

K9ine Klass Drop Off and Pick Up Times: Your dog should arrive between 8 and 9am and end of day bell rings between 4:30 and 5:30pm. We understand that our clients have unique schedules, if you require pick up/drop off outside our regular times, they will need to be coordinated in advance with our trainer.

*Female dogs that are actively in heat or expecting will not be accepted into this program.