Meet Our Owner and Lead Trainer

Having grown up with dogs in her life, it only made sense for Amber to become a dog trainer. Thanks to advice from her Parents and Peers, She officially began her dog training career in 2005. Amber attended the Military Working Dog Handler course at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, TX. Her experiences include training dogs for obedience, protection, and explosive/narcotic detection for the United States Army, as well as working those same dogs for Law Enforcement Operations.

Continuing her education; she has taken additional dog training courses, seminars, animal behavior courses with organizations such as Duke University, Mark McCabe TBTE “Training Between the Ears”, Level 1 & Level 2, Dr. Ian Dunbar, and is an AKC (American Kennel Club) Evaluator. Through out her career, she has consulted and assisted with training for agencies such as the Honolulu Police and Sheriff departments, and the Department of Defense to include the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Featured in K9 Heroes: Together We Protect, Defend, and Conquer as One

Published Oct 27, 2009 Written by Nicole Arbelo

In 2011, Amber took 2nd Place in Narcotic Detection at the International Korean Customs Bi-Annual Detection competition.

In 2013, Amber was medically retired from the Army and began training under the business name SDS K9. Then in 2015, she rebranded and opened Patriot K-Nine LLC.

In early 2015, she became a Certified PTSD Service Dog Trainer/Evaluator while working as a Kennel Master for a PTSD Service Dog Non-Profit in Sacramento, CA., as well as an American Kennel Club CGC Certified Evaluator (#91525). Later in the year after opening Patriot K-Nine LLC, she was recognized as a “Woman Veteran Up-and-Coming Entrepreneur” for Fayetteville, NC.

In 2016, Amber officially began her transition into behavior consulting. Currently working on case studies and attending courses with schools such as Duke University and The University of Edinburgh. She is a member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals), an affiliate trainer with I’d Rather Be With My Dog. Pet First Aid and CPR Certified for both Dogs and Cats. (#151207942142128), and a Doggone Safe Educator.

In 2018, Amber began working with foster organizations throughout Cumberland and surrounding counties to provide behavioral safety and temperament assessments for families that are fostering and adopting children ages newborn through 17 (seventeen).

In 2019, Patriot K-Nine LLC is now a member of the International Association of Behavioral Consultants.

Now in her own words;

“Hi, everyone my name is Amber and I’m the owner of Patriot K-Nine Dog Training. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and learn more about not only my company but me personally. Everything you’ve read so far is the “official” transcript of what I’ve done but I think you’re probably wanting to get to know me more on a personal level, am I right? Well, I am an only child and parent to none besides my 3 wonderful dogs named Buddy, Clyde, and Zero. If you decide to train with us you will likely see the 3 stooges running around the shop or at a training event at some point. I can tell you a couple of things that most other trainers will not, I’ve failed clients. I’ve even made a handful of clients pretty mad, however I’ve made hundreds of others incredibly happy. I’ve laughed with clients, gone out to the movies with them, shared meals in their homes. I’ve put my foot in my mouth countless times. I’ve cried with clients over dogs who have passed, hugged them when they’re down, and thought that my job is perhaps more therapist than dog trainer. BUT the one thing for sure that you will never doubt with me is my dedication, I promise you that I will do my very best for you and your dog(s). ” – Amber CEO PKNine

Alyssa Young

Alyssa Young was born and raised in South Florida. During her schooling her love and interest in dogs grew exponentially and in August of 2017 she took on an eight-month apprenticeship with Bold City K9 in Jacksonville Florida as a Pet Obedience trainer. After working with Bold City K9 for two years, Alyssa became a Trainer for K9s for Warriors in Ponte Vedra, Florida where she works to train service dogs for Veterans that suffer from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Military Sexual Trauma.

During her career as a professional dog trainer she has learned a multitude of different training techniques to include, but not limited to; relationship based training, scientific training, clicker training (marker training), as well as many others. She has a huge passion for behavioral modification, and being able to help dogs with aggression issues.

She continues to grow her knowledge by attending seminars, taking online courses, and working along side other reputable trainers.

Alyssa has three personal dog of her own, Dobby, Kreacher, and Lani.

Alyssa has trained scent work with her own dog Kreacher (German Shorthair Pointer). Lani (Belgian Malinois) is trained advanced obedience/protection and competes in PSA (protection sport association). Dobby (German Shorthair Pointer) has done some dock diving but due to arthritis in his back knees we have not been able to continue the sport.

Jamie Hogan

Jamie started her career as a dog handler, training and showing dogs for a breeder. After adopting an extremely fear aggressive German Shepherd in 2016, she became obsessed with finding the most effective training techniques.

After getting a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University with a focus on psychology and education, she received her Dog Obedience Instructor certification from Penn Foster. She then became certified in Pet First Aid and CPR from The Red Cross. Since then, she has taken seminars from Dr. Ian Dunbar, Ted Efthymiadis, and The Dog Gurus. She has also taken classes from Duke University, University of Edinburgh, Leerburg University, and Dog Matters Academy. She has also become part of the Training Between the Ears community, attending multi-level seminars to improve communication between dogs and their owners, as well as teach calmness as a skill.

Jamie began training at Patriot K-Nine in 2017. She even trained a dog that was adopted from the Villalobos Rescue Center featured on Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees.

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