The Klimb





Many training methods used by professionals often involve a dog training platform or “Pause/Place” table. The problem with most platforms is they tend to be heavy, have a number of parts and require assembly as well as repeated maintenance. The KLIMB™ features a molded, one-piece top with a fully washable surface, strong enough to hold any size dog and weighs less than 14 pounds!

The KLIMB is designed as a training tool for basic obedience to freestyle training, Professional trainers and groomers love the fact that it is expandable (units interlock to form whatever platform size is needed), stackable (when assembled AND for compact storage) and fully self-contained. The legs are easily removed and store flush with the KLIMB’s bottom surface. The KLIMB is waterproof and washes clean with any pet-safe cleaner and is engineered and built to stand up outdoors.

The KLIMB dog training platform gives a dog a place they learn is their very own. A safe place to be focused and close to their owner or handler. A place they associate with reward and success. The KLIMB is patented and Made in the USA.