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​*We DO NOT quote pricing for any training program or stay/train online, over the phone, or via email as its it unethical to give you a quote without having an accurate assessment of your needs and goals *

*In Order to Enroll In ANY of our Training Courses, you are required to attend a consultation prior to your first training appointment. This allows you and your pup, and your trainer an opportunity to get to know one another! Your trainer will use this time to discuss with you the training program you are interested in, pricing, payments, and evaluate your dog so we know what level of training your dog requires. We are on your side, with that being said we will give you honest and reasonable expectations regarding your training goals.

Additionally you should use this time to ask any questions you have to ensure your feel comfortable with your trainer and know we have your dog’s well-being in mind.

You will also be required provide a current copy of vaccinations. NO dogs will be allowed onto the property that are not current on vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and currently on treatment for the prevention of worms nor will they be allowed to begin any training programs.

Please exercise sound judgement, if you or your dog is experiencing injury or illness contact us to reschedule your appointment.

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