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Our "Green Dog Academy" Program

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You will work once a week in a private session with your trainer to teach your puppy the foundation of obedience, you’ll go over the challenges you are facing such as crate training, sleeping through the night, nipping, chewing on inappropriate things, and all the other fun things that come with having a new puppy in your home. Each week we will help you understand learning and fear phases while providing you with age-appropriate socialization opportunities which includes our puppy socialization class on Saturdays. This unique class gives your puppy a chance to interact with other puppies and explore sights, sounds, textures.

Our "Empowerment" Program

Our most popular empowerment program focusing on fundamentals of basic and intermediate obedience to teach you and your dog how to become a dynamic team. We’ve been listening to our clients since we opened in 2015 and redesigned our training program to offer this amazing and UNIQUE training program. We provide training for all types of dogs, from miniature to massive, puppies to seniors.You and your trainer will work one one one at our facility and not in a group setting because not all dogs can learn at early at that level of distraction, but we will get you there using the 3 D’s of Dog Training; Duration, Distance, and Distraction.

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Our "Social Misfit" Program

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We often see dogs coming from rescues and shelters that lack confidence and are afraid of their surroundings and new owners. This particular program is designed for Dogs that have displayed fear of humans, fear of leashes, sounds, places, changes, etc. Other examples are cowering, urinating/deficating when in fearful situations, hiding behind or under furniture or people, and excessive whining, crying, or screaming in uncomfortable situations. Utilizing scientifically proven methods through positive-based training, in this approximately 12 -15 week course your dog will be taught our parts of our foundational Empowerment Program and learn improved confidence.

Our "Chaos to Calm" Program

We do not believe in labeling dogs “aggressive” for life, especially since there are so many different types, and most are misunderstood. We will take the time to understand the root cause of your dogs’ aggression and help them to overcome or manage their aggression in our “Chaos to Calm” Program.This particular program is designed for Dogs that have displayed aggression issues Dog vs. Dog or Dog vs. Human (aggression being defined as: lunging, snarling, snapping, biting, specifically has become a danger to people and/or other dogs) Utilizing the techniques found in our foundational Empowerment Program, your trainer will be with you every step of the way. Your dog will learn impulse control, how to manage reactivity and socialization.  *Results Vary

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Our "Stay & Train" Program

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We lay all the foundations of every day basic obedience with your dog! This program really has a little bit of it all; designed for canines with zero formal training and little to no aggression we will teach the basic commands of sit, down, up, off, place, come, and more! We teach your dog how to learn, and then walk them through all phases of learning to ensure that you have a well balanced dog. We will focus on house manners, door rushing, greeting guests and while with us your dog will have daily sessions and weekly public outings. They will also be exercised daily and crated at night for their safety. Their sessions will be indoors and outdoors, and while with us we will be able to do some off leash obedience. Our primary focus during their 3wk stay is their basic obedience, house manners, and socialization. Upon completion you will have a 60min session one on one session with your trainer to cover what your dog(s) have learned and how to work together and give you an effective and reliable way to communicate. This program also includes an additional 60 min session to be scheduled at our location 2-4 weeks after pick-up to address any concerns you have had since the completion of your program.

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